Additional Auto Services and Products

Ray Sands Glass offers you a selection of valuable auto care services at the most affordable prices in the region.


VIN-GARD® VIN (vehicle identification number) etching is a technology whereby the vehicle identification number is etched permanently into your vehicle’s glass to help you get it back if it is lost or stolen.
Most insurance companies offer discounts to customers who have their vehicles identified with VIN-GARD®. Check with your insurance company or agent to take advantage of that discount.
Call Ray Sands Glass to have your vehicle etched today.

Price: $19.95

Britelite Headlight Restoration

AUTO_additional_headlight_restorationImprove your nighttime driving with clearer, brighter auto headlights. Over time, the glass or protective plastic covering over your headlamps gets pelted with stones and dulled by constant wind, rain, snow and salt buffeting them. Our automotive technicians will restore your headlight covers to crystal clearness so that you get more light on the road and others see your headlights more easily.
We use a three-step process to remove dull, yellowing stains and restore the exterior surface of your headlight covers to showroom sparkle. Call Ray Sands today.

Paintless Dent Repair

AUTO_Additional_paintless_dent_repairWe can remove small dents and dings while you wait. Golf ball-sized (or smaller) dents and dings on your vehicle are successfully removed with this state-of-the-art process without having to repaint portions of the vehicle.
Let our automotive experts at Ray Sands Glass restore your car to that like-new condition.

Price: $100 – $125.00 per vehicle panel

Bumper Repair

AUTO_additional_bumper_repairLet Ray Sands remove cuts, dents and scratches from your bumpers to bring your car back to just-like-new appearance.

Description Price
1/4 $125.00
1/2 $160.00
Full $185.00
Special Color $230.00

Clearscent Air Purifier System

Put the new car smell back into your again! Eliminate unwanted odors in your vehicle from:

  • Smoke
  • Pets
  • Mildew
  • Strong food odors
  • Other odors too!

Using a specially designed ozone machine, our skilled technicians eliminate lingering bad odors in your vehicle while you wait. This process usually takes about between 30 and 60 minutes. Call Ray Sands Glass right now to schedule an appointment.

Price: $14.95

SVR Vehicle Sideview Spot Mirror®

AUTO_additional_spot_mirrorIntegrated flat surface spot mirror means no protruding fish-eye mirror. Designed to minimize blind spots to the side and rear of your vehicle, the SVR Sideview Spot Mirror improves your driving safety by increased visibility in the blind spots while towing, passing, and changing lanes. Applications available for domestic and foreign SUVs, trucks, and automobiles.

Call Ray Sands Glass at 585-889-2876 today to set up a time for your SVR Sideview Spot Mirror installation. You can also reach us through our contact form.