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Although a small crack in your car windshield may not seem like a huge deal, it is not something that should be taken lightly. It is important to get it fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you risk putting yourself and others in danger. Call us today at Ray Sands to help you with your cracked windshield and any other auto glass repair needs.

Tips to avoid cracks on windshields

You may think it is nearly impossible to crack your car’s windshield, but unfortunately that is not true. Some driving habits of yours (that you may not even notice) could be the difference between cracking your windshield and not cracking your windshield. Here are some tips for driving and taking care of your vehicle that could help prevent damage to your windshield and keep you from having to repair your auto glass:

  • Keep a safe distance behind dump trucks or other vehicles carrying items on the back, or avoid driving behind them at all. It is possible that a foreign object, big or small could fly off the back of the truck in front of you and pierce your windshield. Even small rocks or other particles have the potential to do some serious damage to your car.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are always in great shape. Wipers that have any type of damage, whether it be a tear, crack, or bend, can cause your windshield to chip.
  • Avoid parking on the side of the road at all costs. You never know what a car speeding past your parked car could do.
  • With winter approaching, be sure to only use plastic ice scrapers because metal ones can scratch your windshield, leading to a crack. Also, never use hot water to try and melt ice off your windshield because any pre-existing chips will crack right on the spot. The cold winter season is the last time you want to be stuck with a damaged windshield.

Dangers caused by cracks on windshields

We cannot stress enough how important it is to bring your car in ASAP if you happen to get a crack on your windshield. Here are some dangers associated with cracked windshields that can prove to you how dangerous, and even life threatening, it is to put repairs aside:

  • Increased likeliness and seriousness of injuries if you are to get into an accident.
  • Ineffective airbags
  • Higher chance of ejection from accident impact
  • Decreased structural ability of your whole vehicle

What rules to follow if you do find a chip on your windshield:

  • At all costs, try not to use the defroster or set it at the lowest power possible.
  • Try to park in the shade if it is a hot day and leave side windows cracked.
  • Be cautious about how hard you are shutting your doors, trunk, or hood.
  • Cover the chip with clear plastic tape on the outside of the windshield to keep out any moisture or dirt.
  • Most importantly, contact a glass repair company immediately for your auto glass repair. Call Ray Sands for help from your leading auto glass repair company in Rochester, NY.

As you can see, it is very dangerous to not repair a cracked windshield. If you are currently driving with a cracked windshield, please do not wait to contact us today at Ray Sands to schedule your auto glass repair.

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