Ray Sands Glass Helps Shoot a Commercial for the Buffalo Bills and Tops Friendly Market Stores

Ray Sands Glass Van & Buffalo Bills Truck



Ray Sands Glass is feeling pretty ecstatic today about the Buffalo Bills’ superb win yesterday. With this victorious start to the season we can’t think of a more perfect time to share our proud connection to Buffalo Bills’ coach Rex Ryan. We’ve been holding in the coolest story for a few weeks now. Since the NFL kickoff has finally arrived, it’s time we spilled the beans.

Ray Sands Glass Shining Bills' Truck

Recently, we shined the glass on this pretty, decaled Chevy in proud support of the Buffalo Bills. This shot is just moments before we got a backstage pass to a Ryan & Curci commercial.

Ray Sands Glass Shooting Bills Commercial

The combined talent of Tops Friendly Markets store ceo, Frank Curci, and Bills’ coach, Rex Ryan, is one you’ll just have to look out for.

Bills Commercial with Ray Sands Glass

What has this talented, unlikely duo prepared for you? Well, the only juice we can divulge is it might have to do with the Blues Brothers and it should be flashing across your flat screen tv a few times this football season.

Ray Sands Glass And Buffalo Bills Commercial

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