Custom Glass Work Rochester, NY

The holidays are coming, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the family. Finding the perfect gift can be hard. There’s nothing like a heartfelt gift. But, what do you get that one person that has everything? Avoid getting the same old gift card and give something they will love for years to come with some help from Ray Sands Glass. Get creative this year by surprising your loved ones with custom glass work or glass products from Ray Sands Glass!

What types of gifts could you possibly get at Ray Sands Glass, a glass specialist?  Think about all those precious family heirlooms passed down through the years that need a little TLC. Or, maybe it’s something in perfect condition that’s just too dated to fit a modern home. Wouldn’t you love present those pieces in the way they deserve? We can help you turn those glass antiques into custom glass works your family will treasure for generations.

Furniture: Does your mother have a family heirloom table that has been passed down from generation to generation? Say goodbye to the meticulous use of coasters, and let Ray Sands Glass fit it for a protective custom glass top. Your mother, and your family will thank you. Or maybe it’s your great grandmother’s china cabinet with a broker pane. Our experts, at Ray Sands Glass can match the existing panes with custom glass and make it look as good as new.

Picture Frames: That old photo of your grandparents that has been in the same frame since their wedding is a part of their history. Instead of purchasing a new frame, restore the old one. Our custom glass work specialist can replace the glass without any damage to the existing frame.

Jewelry Boxes: Vintage jewelry boxes are cute one-of-a-kind pieces that are as precious as the gems you keep in them. Make your heirloom jewelry box shine bright with custom glass work. Ray Sands Glass can replace the existing foggy glass panels with a similar style or try a fun texture or color for a modern update.

Mirrors: Cracked mirrors

 can be bad luck, and a big mess. Don’t panic, Ray Sands can create a custom glass mirror to fit the existing frame.

Repurpose: Are you a “DIYer” who l

oves giving new to life to unique vintage finds? Bring in that old mirror that you found thrifting or in Grandma’s basement and convert it into a mirror for wall decor that is sure to please. Shopping for someone who loves that rustic look? Find an old window and Ray Sands will replace the glass panels with mirrors for a statement piece ready for any room.

Not interested in purchasing custom glass work? We offer glass products, too!

Aquapel*: Help keep your family and friends safe on the road. Aquapel* is a rain repellent glass treatment that significantly improves vision on the rain. This is done by forcing rain to bead up and roll off. Aquapel* also makes it easier to clear off ice, snow, dirt and bugs. Give the gift that lasts for months!

Glass Cleaner: Are you ordering custom glass work from us and want to be sure that the surface stays clean and protected? Purchase our glass cleaner that does wonders compared to your average glass cleaner.

If you’re still not sure what to get but know that someone would appreciate something from Ray Sands Glass, stick with a gift card and let their imagination run wild!

Surprise your family members this year with a gift like no other: custom glass work or glass products. Ray Sands Glass experts are masters in the craft of custom glass work. If you see something that has sparked your interest or have custom glass project we haven’t mentioned, contact us and we would love to see how Ray Sands can make your holiday season extra special this year. Keep your newly crafted custom glass work in perfect condition. Ask us about Aquapel, a special coating to protect glass against water damage.

Contact us today to order your custom glass work or glass products!