Glass Shower Enclosures Rochester, NY

An all glass shower enclosure can add class and light to any bathroom! Within the last few years, the use of glass shower enclosures has increased substantially due to developments in glass processing technology and durability, making glass shower enclosures one of the most popular bathroom accessories. The options are nearly endless when it comes to customizing your glass shower enclosure. Choose from clear glass, etched glass, opaque/frosted glass, or patterned glass.

When considering glass for a new or renovated shower, there are some glass types to think about. Shower glass comes in a wide variety:

  • Clear Glass – One of the most widely used material inside an average home. Allows for great passage of light and contributes to openness of shower area. Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Etched Glass – Offers a beautiful and elegant opportunity to accent your shower enclosure without giving up privacy. Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Opaque/Frosted Glass  Produced with acid etching regular glass. Smooth and satin-like appearance. Admits soft light. Only one side of the glass is etched leaving the other side smooth for better cleanliness.
  • Patterned Glass – A creative and artistic way to add uniqueness to your shower glass enclosure. Personalize your shower glass in endless patterned options.

Not sure if a glass shower enclosure is the best option for you? Consider the benefits:

  • Adds style – If you want your home’s interior to have a more modern appeal, then a glass enclosure is the right move. They are great for adding a sense of luxury to your bathroom.
  • Better lighting – If you hang a curtain over your shower, it blocks both natural and artificial light from entering your shower. Sunlight is able to shine through glass enclosures, so you do not have to be as dependent on artificial lighting fixtures.
  • Easy maintenance – Glass shower enclosures are long-lasting and easy to clean. You are less likely to have mold or mildew buildups. There are even options to put a protective coating on the glass to reduce soap scum or water spots.  Glass showers are well-constructed and will require few repairs (if any) over time.
  • Makes your bathroom look more open – With a glass shower enclosure, your bathroom can have a more open appearance. You may find your bathroom looks bigger than before since you no longer have a closed off portion for your shower. In addition, a glass shower enclosure can allow better air flow compared to traditional curtained or framed shower stalls/tubs.

Ray Sands Glass is proud to provide custom glass shower doors and enclosure services for homeowners in Rochester, NY. We carry a wide variety of shower glass for your shower enclosure, allowing you to personalize in a way that fits your vision perfectly. Whether you want to completely renovate your shower or just give your bathroom a small makeover by switching to new glass shower door(s), we have unmatched professionals happy to work on your shower project today!

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