Glass Shower Enclosures Rochester

Pick the perfect glass shower enclosure for your bathroom by calling the specialists at Ray Sands Glass. We offer custom glass shower enclosures to match your style and functional needs. Incorporating both style and function into your glass shower project is key to creating the best look while making sure it’s durable and easy to maneuver. When deciding how to choose your enclosure based on style and function, take the shower frame and door options into consideration.

Shower Frame Options

Whether you decide to incorporate a metal frame around your glass shower doors or to go frameless is all up to you. Personal preference, maintenance, and the overall look of the frame (or no frame) all play key factors into making the right decision.


A frameless glass shower enclosure is constructed of thick glass that does not rely on metal to support its external edges. The frameless option adds a clean, modern feel and are the popular choice for individuals who are looking to bring greater attention to elaborate stonework or tilework on the inside of the shower. Pros of a frameless shower enclosure include:

    • Frameless shower doors can be customized
    • Minimized mold risks
    • Because of their openness and transparency, they make your bathroom look/feel bigger than it really is
    • Can be designed to fit any space
    • Watertight seals prevent leakage
    • Since there is no metal used, you don’t have to worry about replacing corroded parts
    • Since they’re made of tempered glass, they are very difficult to shatter or break


These shower doors are made up of tempered/ textured glass that is fully surrounded and supported by metal frames. The frame adds structure to the glass for solid, manageable operation. Because fully framed shower enclosures are reinforced on all four sides, they are appropriate for all bathroom sizes and layouts. With many different color frames to choose from, you can incorporate the frame into the overall theme or color scheme of your bathroom. Frames are a less expensive alternative but still provides quality and durability

Shower Door Options

Shower doors are available in a variety of different arrangements so it’s easy to customize them in the best way possible to match the style and size of your bathroom. Choose from pivot shower doors, sliding shower doors, or round doors. Pivot swings open like a traditional door, sliding is usually chosen for tubs or large showers, and round is perfect for corner showers.

With all the different options for glass shower enclosures, you’ll be able to design the perfect setup for your bathroom project. Speak with a professional at Ray Sands today about getting your glass shower enclosure project started today!

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