Window Repair Rochester, NY


You may not give your windows much thought until there is drastic damage to them. It is important to keep your home and/or commercial building energy-efficient and windows are a key aspect in doing so. Before you start shopping for new windows, you need to be aware of what can be fixed or replaced in order to make the windows you have now more energy-efficient. Contact our window repair and window replacement professionals in Rochester, NY for their expert advice.


Factors Pointing to Window Repair

When it comes to repairing your existing windows, you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Air leaks
  • Excessive water intrusion
  • Rotting or splitting of the vertical pieces of wood separating panes of glass
  • Inability of upper or lower sashes to move (Due to excessive layers of paint, coming off-track, or broken or nailed cords)
  • The exterior “shield above the top of the window (Drip) is either missing or rotting
  • Loose, cracked, rotting, or missing exterior trim

If your windows have multiple of the problems listed above, it is likely time to invest in window repair/replacement. Ray Sands Glass would be honored to provide you with our trusted and quality window repairs in Rochester, NY.


Common Window Repairs

Rotted Wood: Because of constant exposure to the elements, wooden windows are inclined to eventually rot. Luckily, this is normally an easy repair. It’s as simple as cutting away the rotted piece and either filling it or simply replacing piece.

Broken Panes: Replacing panes is another fairly quick repair. Most pane repairs involve removing just one part of a glass frame, then removing the old glass, scraping away old putty, and then installing the new pane.

Sticking: Wooden windows are most prone to sticking as wood expands. Paint can also cause the window to stick. Sliding windows usually stick because of dirt in the tracks. Both of these are quick and easy fixes.


Benefits of Repairing Windows

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial work, Ray Sands is your best source for home and commercial window repairs in Rochester, NY. We understand how much pride our customers have in creating and maintaining beautiful homes and businesses so we put in the work so you don’t have to! Our window repair services guarantee long-lasting and increased efficiency, saving you time and money. Window repair benefits include:

  • Increased energy efficiency which means lower heating and cooling bills
  • Less air infiltration to improve the comfort of your home/building
  • Easier to open and close windows at your own convenience
  • Increases value when looking to sell your house/building
  • More stunning home/building, both inside and out

Let us help to point you in the right direction when it comes to replacing or repairing your windows. Contact us today and get a quote on your window needs. When you hire us, you can expect fair and honest pricing, personalized service, and the highest quality workmanship. We guarantee the skill and expertise necessary for a quick and effective way to complete your glass projects. Choose Ray Sands Glass for the most trusted window repair and window replacement in Rochester, NY.

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