Window Tinting Rochester, NY

Ray Sands Glass is your family owned glass specialist, located in Rochester, NY. We offer an array of services that satisfy all your glass needs. One service we offer that we want to highlight is window tinting for both residential and commercial. Window films used for tinting are more cost effective and easier to maintain than the more traditional methods, such as curtains, blinds, etc. We want to educate our customers on the major benefits of tinting your windows in your home or business.

Cuts Energy Costs

Glass itself is a poor insulator, so the money you spend on energy is being lost. The more heat coming in means your air conditioner will have to run longer in the summer and vice versa for the winter months. Tinting your windows can deflect up to 80% of total solar energy, along with adding 1/3 more insulation during the winter months. Home energy costs and efficiency is a common improvement that homeowners 

take on. Choosing to make this improvement can significantly reduce the heat entering your home or office when it’s warm outside and leaving your home or office 

in the frigid weather. Not only will you be saving money on your monthly energy bills, but window tinting is a cost effective alternative to replacing all of your windows.

Reduce Glare

Glare is caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness and can potentially cause visibility and comfort issues. Control your glare issues by having your windows tinted in your home or office. When choosing a film, consider the shade that you are comfortable with. Cut out a large portion of unwanted glare without compromising your view to the outdoors and allowing for the pass through of natural light. We can guarantee that our line of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard® Window Film products will do the trick.

Decrease Harmful Effects of UV Rays

Window tinting produ

cts are designed to absorb or reflect UV rays. Solar Gard window films can block up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your home or office. The Skin Cancer Foundation stated that “window films can reduce skin cell death by 93%.” Tinting your windows is a small price to pay to keep your skin safe and healthy. By blocking UV rays you are also protecting your investments, such as furniture, flooring, and upholstery.


The film applied to your windows to tint them strengthens the glass and aids in holding it together if the window happens to break, which prevents dangerous shards from harming someone. If there is a break in at your home or office, the film we use makes it more difficult to break, delaying the person and potentially deterring them from continuing. Protect your valuables and your life!


You can choose the window tint that you are most comfortable with, while preventing others from seeing inside your home or office during the day. This can also help prevent theft since the window tint makes it difficult to see in. Choose from a wide variety of shades to get the custom look you want.

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