Windshield Damage Rochester, NY

Tips to Keep Your Windshield From Damaging During Winter


Prepare for Sudden Temperature Changes

Everyone has days where they are running late to work and need to defrost their windshields as quickly as possible. This is not the best idea in the winter months. A sudden change in temperature inside your car can cause cracking when a frozen windshield is hit with hot air. This is even more likely if the glass already has a crack or chip in it. We recommend starting your car 5-10 minutes before you have to leave so that the temperature inside your car can slowly warm up. Also, point your vents away from the windshield so that it can gradually warm up. NEVER pour hot water on your car’s frozen glass as this can cause immediate severe damage that you may not recognize right away.

Use Proper Ice Removal Tools

If you live in Rochester, NY, we are sure that you own multiple snow brushes. If you don’t have one handy, your first thought might be to pick up the shovel in your garage that you used to clear your driveway the night before. DON’T! Only ice scrapers and snow brushes are designed to safely and effectively remove snow and ice from your windows. Scrape horizontally along the glass, do not stab into the ice or snow in a chopping motion or you could potentially chip the glass underneath.

Keep Washer Fluid Tank Full

Driver’s use their windshield washer fluids more regularly during the winter months, so we recommend checking your levels frequently or filling it up as soon as your light comes on signaling low washer fluids. Not only is a clean, ice-free windshield easier to see out of, but if any chips or cracks occurred you will be able to find them easier. Some wiper blades that come with new cars may not be equipped to handle the winter weather, so you may want to think about investing in a new pair of wipers that are designed for the snowy weather.

Get Cracks and Chips Repaired Immediately

If chips are not repaired in a timely fashion, they could potentially turn into cracks, which will only get larger during the cold weather. Auto glass chips are likely to grow 80% of the time once the temperature drops to 14 degrees or lower. When the temperature is at 32 degrees, glass chips grow 60% their size.

At Ray Sands Glass, we take safety seriously and want to make sure that you take care of your auto glass. If you notice any chips or cracks, give us a call. Our experts will come to the rescue and repair your glass!

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