Windshield Replacement Rochester, NY

Replacing Auto Glass in the Winter


We know that getting your windows replaced in your car is a chore in itself. At Ray Sands Glass, we are here to make that process smooth, worry-free, and, most importantly, in the right conditions.  Some damage to windshields just can’t be repaired and, in which case, we will suggest that you get your window completely replaced. Glass replacement in the winter can be a trickier task, but no matter the time of year that the damage occurs, we recommend coming in as soon as you see a problem. Not only are drivers and passengers at serious risk when windshields have minor cracks and scratches, but the process shops take when replacing your windshield can pose a major threat to your safety.

As anyone who lives in and around the Rochester, NY area, our weather can be extremely unpredictable at times. If you notice a damaged windshield or backglass, give us a call. We arrange for indoor service during the cold winter months, which takes the risk out of installing your replacement windows outdoors in the winter, exposing it to the cold and precipitation. You may be asking yourself, “Why would installing my new windshield/backglass be a problem in the winter?”

The reason outdoor replacement can be such a safety risk is that weather and moisture can affect the ability of the adhesive to cure.  While the very top quality adhesives will still cure safely in cold weather, we can’t guarantee that every shop is using them.  Some cheaper adhesives, known as standard cure, require higher temperatures of at least 50 degrees and 50% humidity to cure in the given safe drive away time.  Due to these factors, some “standard cure” products have been known to take up to four months to cure completely in the cold winter weather that we experience here in Rochester, NY.  This is one of the prime examples of why we feel the top products is absolutely worth the added safety value.

Your new windshield or backglass simply won’t adhere if any part of the car or glass isn’t properly prepared for installation or is exposed to moisture during the replacement due to unexpected weather. At Ray Sands Glass, we have replaced thousands of windshields in our shop that were safely removed from the car in one piece without the aid of tools. We have had technicians that are able to push the windshield out with their bare hands. Think of how scary that is for the customer knowing they were driving around this way.

Windshield replacement is a process where safety depends on the materials not getting wet and potentially damaged during the installation. At Ray Sands Glass, we make sure the conditions in our shop are at the right temperature and humidity so that when you drive away, we feel good knowing you are safe.

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