Replacement Windshield Wipers

Replace Your Windshield Wipers Once a Year


To complement windshield replacement or an Aquapel treatment, Ray Sands Glass offers two brands of replacement windshield wipers. Replacement windshield wipers should be used whenever the rubber gets stiff and leaves streaks on your windshield or gets noisy as they wipe across the window. Old windshield wipers are not effective and cut down on your visibility in rain or snow. Don’t forget about the rear wiper on your van, hatchback or SUV either! You need visibility out the back window as well as the front windshield. Our Rochester glass company offers replacement windshield wipers in several varieties.

AUTO_windshield_wipers1All Season Wiper Blades

  •  Blade lengths range from 12″-28″
  • All metal frame construction
  • Stainless steel spline
  • Advanced rubber compound
  • High quality finish
  • Re-closeable packaging
  • Quick and easy installation

As low as $7.50 each

OptiX Flat Blade Technology with EZSNAP

  • Curved design hugs windshield to provide clean wipe in any weather
  • Blade lengths range from 15″-28″
  • New EZSNAP Multiple Connector System covers 98% of vehicle fitments
  • Aerodynamic spoiler reduces wind lift
  • High quality finish
  • Frameless technology prevents ice and snow buildup.
  • Quick and easy installation

As low as $11.00 each

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