Automotive FAQs

Yes, we can.

Rain sensor are optional equipment found on the windshields of many vehicles. The housing for the rear view mirror is generally more bulky if you have a windshield rain sensor. The rain sensor engages the wiper blades automatically when it detects moisture hitting the sensor on the windshield. We have extensive experience replacing windshields with and without rain sensors.

A windshield replacement takes about an hour and a half to ensure that the windshield is stable and the structural integrity of the vehicle is restored. Particular in cold weather, we want to acclimate the vehicle to the change in temperatures so that it is safe to drive.

To ensure against leakage and/or damage to the windshield, Ray Sands Glass recommends the following care instructions: To avoid leakage, DO NOT shut the door with all windows closed for the first 24 HOURS. Opening and shutting creates air pressure. Leaving a window slightly open will allow the air to escape without disrupting the seal. DO NOT wash car in the car wash or at home with a hose for 48 hours from time of replacement. The pressure can cause glass to leak. Vehicle should NOT be put on any type of life for a minimum 48 hours from time of replacement. AVOID abrasive cleaners. AVOID the use of glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol for the first 48 hours from time of installation. A special tape may have been applied to the molding(s) in order to secure them until the urethane is fully cured. CAREFULLY remove the tape after 24 HOURS. DO NOT leave tape on longer than 48 HOURS. The longer the tape is on, the harder it is to get off and, as a result, may cause paint damage. Sometimes the tape causes noise while driving. If noise continues after tape is removed, contact Ray Sands Glass. Do not drive your vehicle until the “safe drive away” time is reached. Driving away before the “safe drive away” time is at your own risk. Some of the above limits should be extended during certain weather conditions, especially cold, snowy or rainy weather. This is partially due to the type of material required for the windshield replacement. In colder weather, when leaving the repair shop, put the defrosters on high to circulate heat around the windshield.

We don’t want you to scratch your new windshield with old wiper blades that may have rubber blades that have hardened. For your convenience our technicians can replace your wiper blades when they replace your windshield. It does not add any additional time to the windshield replacement process.

Designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass shower doors, or any other glass surface, Aquapel is a long-lasting glass treatment that: Repels rain for remarkably improved vision Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night Helps reduce water marks and keeps down salt water How long will Aquapel Glass Treatment last on a vehicle? Aquapel lasts about six (6) times longer than other rain repellent glass treatments, six to eight months, under normal driving conditions. How does it work? PPG’s proprietary hydrophobic glass treatment adheres to glass, forming a chemical bond. Increases contact angle of water, causing it to bead and easily shed off glass. How much time does it take to apply? Applies in minutes to a clean, dry windshield. How is it different from other rain repellent products? Fluoropolymer vs. silicon wax-based chemistry so there’s no streaking and it won’t wash off in the car wash or with the first rainstorm you drive through. Aquapel chemically bonds to the glass at a molecular level and it lasts at least six times longer, with more durable performance.